Boathouse Connect

Boathouse Connect is the on-line platform we use for various administrative tasks including membership registration.

Registration via Boathouse Connect:

  1. If you are using a registration link (from website or email), click on it to take you to Boathouse Connect, otherwise go to:
  2. If you don’t already have an account, create one:
    • Fill in the required profile information.
    • If you are not automatically made a member of “Rochester Rowing Club”, select it from the drop down menu.
    • You may need to wait for approval before proceeding to the next step. This may take 1-2 days.
  3. Go to Groups -> My Groups and join the group related to your registration choice, for example: “Adult Learn To Row 2024 Session 1” or “Spring JV 2024″
  4. Sign any required waivers.
  5. Make a payment. Go to “Finances” then “Add Payment Method” at top of page, to add debit/credit card or ACH information. ACH requires a couple days for account verification before transactions can be made. Processing fees are added, more for credit cards than for ACH.

To RSVP for practice on Boathouse Connect:

After you have successfully joined your group, you will see a list of upcoming practices. Go to Practices -> My Attendance. You can also RSVP via the Boathouse Connect app available for your phone.


  • Is the parent’s or child’s email used for setting up the account?

Use the child’s name and email address as the primary contact.  But it is very important that the parent’s email is added to the account as well.  This will ensure that both the child and parent receive email communications. 

When setting up the account, use the child’s name and email address. To add the parent email to the account, go to the “My Profile” menu, select “My Profile” –> “Contact info” (top of page), and then click the “add additional contacts” button to add parent email addresses.  Now the parents will be included on reminders and payment notifications.

  • What is the difference between credit card and ACH processing fees?

Credit/debit card processing fees are higher than than ACH/checking account fees. ACH takes a few days to activate.

  • Am I required to enter my credit card?

No. During the initial set up, the system asks for a credit/debit card. You can enter this info now or skip this step. You can also add credit card information later by going to “Finances” then “Add Payment Method”.

  • How do I pay by ACH?

From the left menu select “Finances” then “Add Payment Method”.  Then enter your ACH bank routing and account information. To verify your account, within a few days of entering your ACH information a couple of micro deposits and withdrawals will occur. Once complete, your ACH payment method will be ready.