Head Coach – Andrew Green

Coach Andrew’s first season of rowing was winter his sophomore year at Notre Dame. Indoor erging. Not deterred by hard work, he returned for the on-water season,┬árowing till graduation in 2017.

After college Coach Andrew returned to his home town of Portland, Oregon. There he continued rowing and competing with the Willamette Rowing Club for another four years. He also worked as a High School Assistant Athletic Director and Cross Country Coach.

Coach Andrew moved to Rochester, Minnesota summer 2021. He started as assistant coach, then was quickly promoted to head coach the fall of 2021.

When his eyes are not focused on the water, he is watching the skies. Around Silver Lake he commonly spots kingfishers, killdeers, bald eagles, green herons, and the great blue herons that love to fish in the shallow waters. Other hobbies include hiking, running, camping, and kayaking;  sometimes all at the same time.

Junior Assistant Coach – Kaitlyn Meiste

Coach Kaitlyn moved to Rochester in late 2021 and started as Assistant Coach shortly there after. Rowing for several years at Michigan State University, her favorite seats were 2 seat in an 8 or stroke seat in a 4. Kaitlyn continues her love for the sport by coaching the juniors and rowing with the adults as much as she can.

Adult Assistant Coach – Bridget Dean Kautto

Coach Bridget has done it all. She started her rowing career as a junior with the Rochester Rowing Club. After rowing for four years at Marietta College she returned to Rochester, at times serving as Assistant Junior Coach, an Adult rower, and now currently as an Adult Assistant Coach. She brings a wealth of knowledge and we are grateful for her continued commitment to the program.


The Rochester Rowing Club holds monthly board meetings the 3rd Monday each month.  Active RRC members in good standing are welcome to attend.  Any adult involved with the rowing club and interested in helping is welcome to join the board. A 2-4 year commitment is required, depending on the position.

President – Shane Washnieski
President Emeritus – Kim Batterson
Vice-President – Mick Garvey
Tresurer – Tripp Welch
Secretary – Wendy Robinson
Website – Sarah Johnson
Member-at-Large – Caleb Schuder, Matt Blackmon