The Rochester Rowing Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation that exists to promote physical, mental, and social wellness in youth and adults of all backgrounds, through the sport of rowing in an environment that nurtures development of character and passion for excellence.

The Rochester Rowing Club receives no financial assistance from outside sources including high school athletic programs or government programs. Our fundraising activities are undertaken to ensure constant improvement of our teams. Our success is in no small part due to the support from our community. 

Use this link to make donations, no “Boathouse Connect” account needed. Then choose the type of donation you’d like to make. All donations are tax-deductible.

Questions about any of our donation programs and sponsorship opportunities may be directed to our RRC Board President at: @


RRC has several new (to us) boats without names. You have the opportunity to put your name on one of our RRC crew boats. Choose an individual, family, business or fun name of your choice (maximum 20 characters, including spaces).

Your name will remain on the boat as long as it is in our fleet.
All names must be pre-approved by the RRC Board of Directors.

Boats available for naming

$3000 Eight Sweep, 8+, black Vespoli
$2000 Quad Scull, 4x, blue Hudson TAKEN
$1000 Single Scull, 1x, white Sykes


By donating to the Rochester Rowing Club’s general fund, you help the club serve the community and fulfill its mission. No donation is too small to make an impact.

Listed below are items that donations may go towards purchasing:

Boat straps – $33.95/4  •  Boat slings – $150/set  •  7/16th ratchets $8  •  Repair and replacement parts  •  Megaphone – $400  •  Boat motor $3000  •  Lightweight single – $10,000  •  Anti-immersion suit – $675  •  Motor boat anchor – $50


Corporate sponsorships start at $250 for the year, and include promotion of your business on our website. 


Donate to the Cathy Belhumer Memorial Scholarship, these funds go towards scholarships to help subsidize registration fees for qualifying applicants.